Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fru Gal vs. $teal - Pendants

I won't lie, this week, Fru Gal from the Red Eye set me on quite the chase to find comparably similar looking pendants.  Regardless of how unique these necklaces are, they aren't so unique that they cant inspire a mimic.  My finds aren't exactly the same as what Fru Gal has chosen, but at the savings I've found you, I can't imagine you loving one of Fru Gal's selections so much that you by pass the extra cash in your pocket.  I may be biased, but I'm thinking I win again :)

Fru Gal
Total: $325.50

(I really need to learn how to white-out those backgrounds)

Total: $108.86

Savings of $216.64

Mosey on over to and book your trip to the Mall of America with those extra bucks!


  1. I think the clear stone necklace is my fave! I need an all purpose pendant necklace like that.

    Wait to show her up again!