Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Style: Sister's Bachelorette Party

As stated in my last post, this past weekend was my sister, Katie's, bachelorette party.  As Maid of Honor, I tried to think of my sister's favorite things and make sure they all made an appearance at her party:  shoes, Michael Jackson, cookies, Boone's Farm, koozies, etc.  The cherry on top was a pink schoolbus to drive us around town, in which we had a dance party to DMB's "Two Step" (on repeat).  I hope everyone at the bash had as much fun as I did!

The dress code for guests was to wear all black, except for the shoes.

Metallic Tank from Forever 21: old
Black Leather Skirt from Forever 21: $15.80
Red Peep-Toe Shoes from Agaci: $20 (clearance)
Flower Necklace from Express:  borrowed from Sister (thanks!)

{Plastic Fedora and Glitter Glove are not part of the outfit :)  I'm just channeling the King of Pop}

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