Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pantalon Jaune

I studied for some time in France and one of my professors, Madame Puech, wore a pair of yellow pants on a weekend outing.  My friends and I referred to her as "Pantalon Jaune" ("Yellow Pants"..very creative, yes I know) all day long.  Madame Puech was a true character.  I loved that woman.  When my friends and I would show up late to class because we were shoe shopping, she wouldn't get mad.  Instead, she would have us to show her what we got.  One of 4 million reasons I love that country...sigh...

 Anyway, little did we know that this woman was starting a fashion trend. 

Here's how I'd work the trend for both day and night.   With "loud" pants like this, I think it is best to subtly work in color and neutral prints, but stay away from flamboyant ones so that you don't look like a clown.




  1. Who took THAT picture???

  2. I did!! Isn't she a princess? I miss her! I wonder what she's doing right now...