Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

A lot of people dress up for Halloween and many times, I have no idea what the hell they actually are.  That is what seperates a good costume from a bad one.  Keep that in mind.

I went to two costume parties this weekend.  The most original/best costume award goes to my friend, Jane, who spent less than $16 to be a peice of sushi for Halloween.  She even made a fake grass headband to divide the sushi from the wasabi and ginger.  What a precious little thing? She looks delicious.

 Sorry, Jane.  I would award you with some sort of monetary prize, but being featured on my blog is quite an honor in itself.  ;)

Here are some more friends' costumes:

Ke$ha and Lady Liberty

Rachel Zoe (I die)

Dorothy, Holy Cow, Sunny D and Cookie Monster

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. The not-too-pure-to-be-pink, kind.

If you haven't noticed by now, I don't like to spend stupid money.  On the other hand, I do like to commit to a Halloween costume.  This year, I got the best of both worlds because this get-up cost me under $6.  Maybe a little more if you want to configure in a can of hairspray because, Holy Mackerole, my hair did not move. 
My original costume idea of being a troll failed so I had to come up with a resourceful Plan B at a short notice. Sandy, it was, since I owned all the pieces to the outfit.  The comb hair clip was the only thing I had to buy. 

I'm not going to lie, I like to be a little more original than this, but at least I rocked it :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet the accessorized accessory.

Brilliance.  I'm a big fan of this accessorized accessory for a couple of reasons:
1-I already own a scarf
2-I already own a brooch

It is so obvious, guys.  A little something we can do without buying anything new!
(That rhymed!  How cute!)

Remember that scarf video I posted last week?  Check it out again for instructions to wrap the pashmina and then mosey on over to your jewelry box (or hutch if you're a glutton) and chose a pin to jazz yourself.  This is when the function of a cozy neck warmer turns into a fashion statement.  And just so you know, this can be done with any color, print, or material of scarf....

I'm lovin it!  (ba da ba ba ba)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Casual Friday--Sienna Miller Style

Yep, it's Tuesday and I'm already thinking about Friday.
Come on you guys, let's be real--I work for the weekend.

Anywho. Someone recently asked me what I thought was appropriate attire for casual Friday. For you 9-5'ers, I say it depends on your work culture and have shown two examples.  That is, two examples a la Sienna Miller.  As if Sienna Miller really has to adhere to casual Friday rules, but we pretend.  She's so cute.

Use your best judgement.  If your work thinks of casual as a pair of jeans instead of dress pants, then option one is for you.  If your work actually cares about the office-to-happy hour transition, then see option two.   Cheers!



Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Week on the Today Show

I can't wake up without Matt Lauer talking to me.  No, I do not have a crush on him--he's totally not my type. I'm just a creature of habit and watch the Today Show ever morning while getting ready for work.  It doesn't feel right if Matt's not getting me out the door.  Pretty sure he isn't doing this segment, though. 

That was a tangent...anyyywayyyy

It is DIY style week on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas.  That is, October 24-28.   If you're an arsty fartsy kind of person, click for contest details.  You could be the next DIY fashionista star. 

Even if you're not too handy with a glue gun or needle and thread, at least tune in for some inspiration.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jewel, not the singer...

Jewel tones always come back in the Fall.  Obviously I'm talking about clothing here and not the singer.  I'm pretty sure the singer, Jewel, is taking a break after having a kid, or something?  She has nice tones too.  In fact, I used to be able to sing that song "Who Will Save Your Soul" just like her.  Truly, I could...

There's your throwback to 1995 for the day.  And I apologize if I got that annoying song in your head.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Halloween Costumes

I personally love Halloween and I always commit to whatever costume I am.  In the past I've been Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, and my favorite, Carrie Bradshaw.  All of my costumes have been homemade, thrifted, or pulled from my closet with a few accessories added to perfect the look.   To me, the best costumes are ones people get creative with and make all by themselves.  Not to mention, I'm a pretty practical person and don't believe in spending ridiculous money on a store-bought costume only to be left with cheap polyester that I'll never wear again (because repeating is boring). 

Here are a few idea you can easily whip together spending little money on the finishing touches.

Polka-dot dress turns into a Pretty Minnie:


Get a second use out of an old bridesmaid dress as Miss America
If you need to borrow one, I've got plenty...

Grab your basics, add a red neck scarf, beret and baguette to be a Frenchie:

6-French Baguette from local bakery: $2ish

Another thing...Halloween is for bright red lipstick.  There aren't many occasions to get away with such a flamboyant color, so please do indulge...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Ale to match the orange bag...

..and cider donuts to match the tan cords...

I like to incorporate the color of beer, pumpkins and donuts into my wardrobe, and the flavors into my diet.  Here's how I do it:

4-Samuel Adam's Pumpkin Ale from your local adult beverage depot...drink responsibly
7-Cider Donuts hot and fresh from the nearest cider mill

My Style: Sushi Dinner

Contrary to the "Nancy's Pizza" sign, I had sushi for dinner.  I wouldn't lie.

Here is a story about these jeans:

Word was going around that that Catelynn from MTV's Teen Mom worked at a store near my parents' house in Michigan.  I'm nosey and specifically made a trip to the rumored Rue 21 to see if I could spot her...and I did.  She let me into a fitting room and cashed me out when I paid for the jeans.  Are you jealous? 

And by the way, she is a very nice girl.  No, I did not ask for her autograph or even act like I knew who she was.

Sheer Ruffle Shirt from Forever 21: $22.80
Flare Jeans from Rue 21:  $12 (down from $26)
Suede Burgundy Heels from Marshall's:  4 years old
Earrngs from Forever 21: 3 years old
Watch:  gift

Wrap it up.

In honor of wearing a scarf everyday this week, more for function than fashion (cold and rain 40 degree temps), I'm sharing this dandy little video...

Friday, October 14, 2011

DMB-So Right & Combat Boots

Do you ever rediscover a song  you've always loved, but then you start listening to it on repeat like you've never heard it before.  I love when that happens.  My new favorite old song:  So Right-Dave Matthews Band

That has nothing to do with combat boots.  But I like them just as much as my new favorite old song.  So do Ashely Tisdale, Nikki Hilton and Rachel Bilson.  Actually, I'm not sure if they're DMB fans at all, but they are fans of the boots... And I will say, the boots are "So Right"...

I love everything about Rachel Bilson's outfit.  Mostly because I would automatically assume that combat boots would only go with a casual look.  I appreciate how she wore them with a dressier combo. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old Clothes & Pet Pigs

This picture is from early 2011 sometime.  I chose it because even though we all want to run out and buy everything new when the seasons change, we can easily shop our closets and dig out something we wore last time it was cold.  Also, the boots are a little more than prices I generally post.  When it is time to purchase new boots you'll wear the crap out of, it is important to make an investment.  I think of it this way:  A nice pair of boots will get me through 2-3 seasons, definitely giving me my money's worth.

In other news, I stopped in the Akira by my apartment yesterday.  I thought for sure I would leave with some goods. Clearance items were 70% off and a pet pig was running around the store.  Two good reasons to believe, but nope!  I walked out empty handed...
I really have to stop reading into "signs" so much...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Style: Rehearsal Dinner

I'm going out of order by posting pictures of my sister's rehearsal dinner, but since it is my blog, I can do whatever I want :)

After a couple practice runs of the wedding ceremony, the family and wedding party headed over to the Emagine Theater for bowling, pool, and Detroit Tigers! 

I've been told I have good bowling form.  Even in 4 inch heels, look at that pretty pink ball heading straight down the lane for a strike....

Bride & Maid of Honor

I wore...

Green Satin Bow Shirt:  borrowed from sister (thanks!)
Black Skirt from Forever 21:  $4.80
Ombre Brown/Tan heels by Jessica Simpson: $40
Leopard Belt from Forever 21: $3.80
Watch: gift

Me with my best friend/cousin!

I love my dad!


Yesterday was a great day! I was featured on a blog about fashion blogs! This site is brilliant.  If you love fashion and if you love blogs then you'll love Fashion. Blog. Love.(go figure!)

Thanks Fashion. Blog. Love!  You made my week!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday was the grand finale to wedding season!  My sister got married!  I still really can't believe it.  To say the day was emotional is an understatement. 

 Despite a minor scare during the ceremony when a groomsman fainted (now that he's okay, I think the whole thing is awesome), the day was a fabulous celebration of the newlyweds.  So many great people surrounding them with love and excitement for their new adventure in life!

My gorgeous, bride-sister, her dress and pink peep-toes.

Yes, 10 bridesmaids.  Big Wedding Party = Big Fun..and no disappointing here!
New Brother & My Sissy

Me with 3 of my favorite cousins and my big brother.

Maid of Honor Speech

First dance as husband and wife!

After a year of planning, it is all over. The day was a whirlwind and went by way too fast. I could not be happier for my big sis and new brother-in-law. I love you both..xoxo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 ideal...

Have you heard of Ideeli?  If not, it's pretty fab.  This pretty little site features limited-time sales from your favorite sites and stores.  You get these prices on a first-come first-serve basis, so don't waste any time.  Click on: Join Ideeli! to participate in the savings :)

Oh, and this site doesn't just offer deals on women's clothing, but also accessories, mens, kids, home goods, and travel gear.  Thank me later!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Style: Akira Fashion Show

More Akira Fashion Show, but this time it's about me :)

The majority of my outfit is, appropriately, from Akira.  I will admit I'm a little all over the place, yet it works. 

Obviously I've been obsessed with snakeskin lately and felt the need to add it into my wardrobe any way I could.  The only jewelry I wore was a a pair of stud earrings, a watch and couple of bracelets:  "I <3 Detroit" and a friendship bracelet made by one of my bests (I don't take these two off).  ...stayin' true to myself!

Here's what I wore:

 Polka Dot top from Pitaya:  $14
Black Skirt from Akira: $26
Snakeskin Clutch from Akira: $31
Snakeskin Shoes from Akira: $26

Monday, October 3, 2011

Akira Fashion Show "Hall of Mirrors" benefiting Imerman Angels

Last night I went to the "Hall of Mirrors Fashion Show" put on by Akira benefiting the not-for-profit organization, Imerman Angels.

Akira is a Chicago-unique boutique offering the latest trends and most current fashions to men and women.  It's the "go-to" store for having "nothing to wear".  Be rest-assured you will always find something here!  Between the selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and their beyond helpful and fashionable stylists, you won't go home empty handed :)  If you're reading and don't live in the area, check out their online shop:
If you haven't heard of Imerman Angels, I'm happy to bring this amazing service to your attention:
Imerman Angels matches anyone seeking cancer support with a 'Mentor Angel'. A Mentor Angel is a cancer survivor or survivor’s caregiver who is the same age, same gender, and most importantly who has beaten the same type of cancer; a living proof and inspiration that cancer can be beaten.  Did I mention that the service is free?  It helps anyone affected by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage level.  IA is available to anyone living anywhere in the world.

This event by Akira was an eclectic display of exactly what the store has to offer in fashions.  More importantly, the do-good gesture to benefit Imerman Angels shows that Akira is a store that goes far beyond the superficial fashion industry obsessed with image and looks.  Props, guys, for making the lives of your customers a priority!

Everything about the event was fantastic:  the venue, the scenery, the runway, the clothes..I think you get it :)  So much creativity went into the show and it was obvious!  The pre-party included food, drinks, break-dancers and a huge on-location Akira for shopping!!

I was so impressed by the fashions in the show.  The models looked gorgeous and strutted everything from BoHo-Chic, to casual daywear, to glitzy and glamorous; all the bases were covered.  So many prints and  textures for inspiration.  I felt the runway looks were styled very "runway", but not so much that I couldn't relate to what the models were wearing.  I could easily take ideas from the ensembles and translate them into my own wardrobe.  By the end, I was totally over missing sundresses and sandals and was ready to layer-up and shimmy on a pair of boots.   Most importantly though, it made me want to go shopping :) 

See you soon Akira!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I would never want to be a runway model.  Even though they wear fabulous clothes and get to play dress-up for a living, it just seems like a rough life.  I'm perfectly content to incorporate hints of high fashions into my wardrobe and maintain my Average-Jane lifestyle.

Anyway, snakeskin is all the rage right now.  It's slithered (nice word choice, huh?)  its way into the collections of many designers and has become one of the major trends this Fall season.  Take a looksies...

I'm not so sure I'd have anywhere to sport an all-snakeskin-print get-up.  And to be honest, I think if I were to wear something like what is shown above, I'd look like a hot mess.  Instead I think I will add just a touch to my closet.  Here are some picks: