Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

A lot of people dress up for Halloween and many times, I have no idea what the hell they actually are.  That is what seperates a good costume from a bad one.  Keep that in mind.

I went to two costume parties this weekend.  The most original/best costume award goes to my friend, Jane, who spent less than $16 to be a peice of sushi for Halloween.  She even made a fake grass headband to divide the sushi from the wasabi and ginger.  What a precious little thing? She looks delicious.

 Sorry, Jane.  I would award you with some sort of monetary prize, but being featured on my blog is quite an honor in itself.  ;)

Here are some more friends' costumes:

Ke$ha and Lady Liberty

Rachel Zoe (I die)

Dorothy, Holy Cow, Sunny D and Cookie Monster

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