Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Style: Akira Fashion Show

More Akira Fashion Show, but this time it's about me :)

The majority of my outfit is, appropriately, from Akira.  I will admit I'm a little all over the place, yet it works. 

Obviously I've been obsessed with snakeskin lately and felt the need to add it into my wardrobe any way I could.  The only jewelry I wore was a a pair of stud earrings, a watch and couple of bracelets:  "I <3 Detroit" and a friendship bracelet made by one of my bests (I don't take these two off).  ...stayin' true to myself!

Here's what I wore:

 Polka Dot top from Pitaya:  $14
Black Skirt from Akira: $26
Snakeskin Clutch from Akira: $31
Snakeskin Shoes from Akira: $26


  1. Absolutley LOVE that outfit! Smashing and affordable! You nailed it Darlin!