Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday America

To celebrate America's birthday, I'm taking off to my parents' cabin in northern Michigan for a canoe trip with about a million of my family members.  We make this trip every year and it's always a hilight of the summer.  To say that I am excited is an understatement :)

Here are a few of patriotic picks in honor of Independence Day:

 How do you plan to show your American pride?

(I can't wait for sparklers and fireworks!!!)

Happy 4th of July! Be safe celebrating and see you next week...xoxo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get out of town...

Summer is travel season and though I don't plan on going anywhere exotic or new this year, I seem to be packing and unpacking my paisley turquoise duffel bag quite a bit.  My only travel destination during these months will be to the purest of states, Michigan, for various fun events! 

(I love a good ROAD TRIP -- this is what my friends and I do,
except it's usually to "The Wind Beneath My Wings".  Oh Bette <3)

Through the packing and unpacking processes, and living out of a cute turquoise tote,
I've realized the importance of traveling light.
(not the actual turquoise bag I lug around, but you get the idea)

Here are some items to mix and match so that you can have a new outfit everyday without packing an entire outfit for each day...

1-Straw Fedora from Asos: $25.86
2-Lime Striped Tank from Forever 21: $10.50
3-Floral Scarf from Asos: $17.24 (down from $25.86)
4-Grey/Black Belted Dress from Urban Outfitters: $24.99 (down from $49)
5-Lavender Shorts from Gap: $34.99 (down from $39.95)
6-Pinstripe Button Up from Forever 21: $15.80
7-Cropped Skinny Jeans from Old Navy: $15.99 (down from $34.50)
8-Tan Sandals from Amazon: $30.56 (down from $35)

There are easily 5 outfits here.  Bring along some solid color tanks and a few more colorful accessories and ba-da-boom.  The last thing you want is to throw your back out because you had to bring your entire closet on a weekend getaway.  You can't pull off a cute outfit if you're hunched over and immobile.   It's not a good look on anyone.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Orange Shoes

At my last job, my nickname was "Orange Shoes".  I showed up to work on my first "Casual Friday" wearing a pair of orange peep-toe flats with some skinny jeans and a white button-up (I never forget what I wear and when I wear it--it's sick and wrong, but go with it).  "Orange Shoes" stuck. 

Side bar:   For this, I can thank the most handsome dark chocolate I've ever seen who wears a new watch everyday, "The Don".  And actually, the name was sung instead of spoken.  Even better.  Love you, Don!

Back to the shoes..that was three summers ago.  Just last month, I had to throw those babies away.  It was a sad day, but all good things must come to an end.  And then we move on to bigger and better pairs of orange shoes...

These are a pair of fantastic espadrilles I found at Marshalls about a month ago.  I had to have them.
Especially for only $19.99. 

It feels good to be back.

Sometimes when I go shopping and buy something totally whimsical like this, I forget what I already own and think "What the heck would I ever wear with these?".  Then I get home and have a fashion show with myself and my closet.  I don't know how I still surprise myself, but I managed to build multiple (fantastic) outfits around these crazy orange kicks.

And other times, I browse different online stores and come across elastic espadrilles just like the ones I already own (for $19.99), but they're $40 more.  See here:

I like mine more.  I also like the price I paid more :)

Shop it to me...

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Here's the best part: the service is FREE! 
 If that doesn't describe Style at a $teal, I don't know what does?!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Call it like you see it: Ikat..?

Ikat is a new buzz word, but an old craft...

Wikipedia tells me it "is the method of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres.  The dye is applied prior to the threads being woven to create the final fabric pattern or design."

We've seen ikat all over the place, but now we can give it a name!  Here are some of my pretty ikat picks...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mix & Match

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long.  Things have been busy and the weather has been nice, so I've been outside!  Anyway, I am back!!  And we are finally into summer! 

I plan on going to the beach as much as possible this year.  My old swim suits have been updated by miscellaneous tops and bottoms that I've mis-matched, but somehow look like they go together.  Here is an idea of what I'm talking about:

Swimsuit Tops & Bottoms

By the way, that is me modeling those suits.  Yes, I look that good in a swimsuit.