Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Spring Favs

Today in Chicago it was 72 degrees and sunny!  April has been so so rainy and it felt great to finally have a break from the gloomy weather!  The sunshine inspired me to peek through my Spring/Summer wardrobe.  I felt the need to share some of my favorite accessories that are going to take me through the next couple of seasons :)

A couple are old, a few are new...

Yellow Michael Antonio Pumps from Akira-2 years old
Pink Flip Shade Sunglasses from Ragstock for $5- New this Spring
Colorful Beaded Necklace from Forever 21-5 years old
Leopard Skinny Belt from Forever 21 for $4.80- New this Spring
Tan Woven Clutch Purse from Crossroads Trading for $8- New this Spring

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

My Birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I planned on treating myself to a new outfit for celebrating and anticipated a little splurge, but that frugal voice inside of me allowed Style at a $teal to prevail!  I actually loved what I ended up wearing.  It was perfect for the location and low key vibe, yet special enough to say "Birthday Girl".

One of my best and longest pals from Michigan came to visit me for the weekend :)

Here's the breakdown:

Gold Stud Earrings from H&M: $3.99
Gold "Kari" Necklace: Gift
Black Lacey Bra from TJ Maxx: $4.99
Sheer Turquoise Tank from Forever 21: $10.80
Skinny Leopard Belt from Forever 21: $4.80
Black Boyfriend Watch from Forever 21: $18.80
Grey Zipper Jeans: Giveaway from sister
Black/Cork Peep-Toe Pumps:  Gift
Total: $43.38

I only bought the tank, belt and watch new.  Everything else, I already owned.  So, technically, I only spent $34.40 on my birthday gift to myself!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's about time...

Sorry I have been slacking on the posts lately. 
Life has been busy with lots of people visiting and birthday celebrations!  It's been a great few weeks. 

Anyway, I've noticed I can't go anywhere without a watch. 
Apparently many fashionable celebrities feel the same way:

I don't like the feeling of forgetting to put my watch on...  I've started a collection:  white, black, silver, gold, sports watch...   Without one, I feel naked. I love this accessory because it serves great function, yet makes such a fashion statement.  Here are a few of my picks of stylish and unique watches:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Timeless Fashions: Sex and the City

I am a huge Sex and the City fan.  Huge.

Recently I started watching my DVDs from the very beginning.  If I didn't know that the show started airing in 1998 and ended in 2004, I probably couldn't have guessed it.  Thirteen years later, the storylines and relationships are still relatable and relevant.  What is even more incredible, is that, after all of this time, the fashion is timeless! 

We can thank Patricia Field for delivering the iconic Sex and the City wardrobes!

Here is an outfit inspired by each character:

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie loves showing off her clavicle, mixing metallics, funky clutches and wearing super high heels.

Charlotte York

Charlotte is always ladylike..pearls, Chanel, and classic silhouttes.

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda wears polished looks.  She is always professional, yet comfortable.

Samantha Jones

Oh, Samantha Jones...She loves her body and is not afraid to show it off.  Low plunging necklines, an exposed back, mixing prints, big jewelry, whatever goes.  But, of all things, I must say that her best accessory is her confidence!

Such a fabulous show...such fabulous fashions...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here's the skinny...

During the usual browsing of Glamour Magazine's "Fashion" page, I came across this article: 

Below are different tips for dressing to make yourself look smaller.  I did some online shopping to offer options wear. 

Combined, my picks create an outfit.  Depending on what shoes you prefer, the outfit has the potential to ring in at under $100!  Shop in your closet, first though.  You never know what kind of things you may already own that will drop those extra pounds for you.

Check out the Glamour article to get more skinny tips!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well worth the wait.

Ever since posting about Kate Middleton's Orange/Leopard combo, I have been obsessed with finding a leopard printed scarf.  Last week, I spotted one at Express as I was passing by the store.  What I love even more about my find was that is an infinity scarf. 

It was regularly $29.90, but on sale at 30% off. 

It gets better...
On top of being discounted, I had a complimentary gift card to Express, from Express, for $15 for my upcoming birthday.  In total, I paid $6.50 for my new favorite accessory!!  Such a prize!

I wore it all weekend :)