Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I watched "What Not to Wear" last week.  Stacey and Clinton put together a great acronym to help Jordan (who was getting the makeover) shop for her new wardrobe.

BODY  Is the item flattering to your body?
AGE  Is the piece age appropriate?  Is it too old or young for you?
SITUATION  Is the garment situation appropriate?  Are you too overdressed or underdressed?
EXPENSE  Is the clothing worth the expense?  How much is the cost per use?


Though I love Jessica Simpson and got so angry at critics when they called her "fat" for wearing this, I did agree that these jeans, belt, and tank combo was not very figure flattering to her shape. 
This photo of Carrie Underwood is a good example as to what Jessica would have looked better wearing. Carrie's outfit doesn't hug every single curve, but instead shows off her legs and butt. Your body should be complimented by clothes.


Pamela Anderson is hopeless, but a good example for this particular situation.  Both she and Kelly Ripa are in their early 40's.  Unfortunately, Pam, here, has no concept of age appropriateness.  She is making herself look older than she is in attempts to look younger, which even for a 20 year old, this dress is tacky and too short.
Kelly Ripa knows what she is doing.  The dress is stylish and sophisticated.  She doesn't look older than she is.  In fact, she looks younger.  Kelly is showing enough skin to look classy and sexy all at once.


Hopefully you don't have to take a trip to court anytime soon, but this type of occasion calls for the appropriate ensemble.  Lindsay Lohan doesn't present a case for herself very well by wearing this outfit.  It is too short and revealing.
This will probably be the only time in my life that I praise Paris Hilton, but I must say she actually wore the proper wardrobe for her court date.  She is fully covered and looks like she wants to be taken seriously.  Regardless of wearing the right outfit, I'm still very happy she killed some time in the slammer.


I must admit, that for me, it is difficult to justify a large expense on anything.  Some of my favorite items that I have had for years and wear more than most other items in my closet, I got at a great deal.  However, what is important is that if you do want to spend some extra money on an article of clothing, then make sure you get good use out of it.

For example, a summer dress that you'll likely only wear one season, don't spend much money on it.  On the other hand, a little black dress gets it's use time and time again.  Invest in that peice, because you can wear it as many times as you want by accessorizing it differently and making it look like a brand new dress everytime you show it off!

So, when you're out shopping next time and are unsure as to whether or not you should make a purchase, just think of BASE and hopefully you will know what to do!

Friday, March 25, 2011

$138 can buy you a lot...

Cute skirt, huh?  Not a cute $138.

I was reading the commuter paper on my way to work this morning and this skirt was featured as a
"Weekend Style Pick".  I definitely think the skirt is stylish and I would love it in my wardrobe,
but not that bad. 

I found a similar looking skirt at Forever 21 for much cheaper. 
In fact, I created an outfit where all items combined STILL was less than $138. 

Take a look:

So, would you rather have one skirt that isn't even an investment/staple piece for $138?  Or, would you rather have an entire outfit full of items you can wear over again in different ways with other things you already own for $138?

Monday, March 21, 2011

What boys like...

I asked some of my closest guy friends what kind of lady clothes get their attention.  I only asked those that I trusted their opinions, were respectable, or somewhat had a sense of style. I have to admit I didn't expect to hear some of what they agreed upon.  

This "like" was the most unexpected...pretty much all of them said they liked girls in hats.  Fedoras or a sports cap, particularly--the look is "mysterious".  And in regards to the baseball cap, something tells me that a pink version of your favorite sports team, isn't necessarily what they think is sexy...

Girls in yoga pants, sneakers and a fitted tee was another commonality.  Converse sneakers are a good choice or colorful shoes.

 For a look that isn't so casual, the guys told me that they appreciate when a girl will show off one particular body part, but leave the rest to the imagination.  For example, if you wear a loose top, then try to wear some fitted or skinny jeans.  Or, if you wear a short skirt, then the top should have a little more coverage.  Here are a couple photos of Cameron Diaz and Kourtney Kardashian modeling each.

 Here are a few things the guys mentioned they didnt like:
*Skin tight tops, especially when most girls can't pull them off...
*Really ripped up jeans
*Baggy clothes-we want to see your shape

The message I got from all of them was that they like girls who can put something together to look good, but don't look like they are trying too hard or seem high maitenance.

Don't take these as "rules".  I asked a handful of guys that I generally ask for advice in life.  I trust these friends, but there are many different types of people in this world who like different styles.  I chose to post about the things that were said among most/all.  .

Now go shop in your closet and pull together something to get you noticed!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Target...right on target...

I ran to Target the other night with my sister to pick up a few essentials.  Even though I really only needed face wash, I had to stroll through every department (routine Target-trip behavior). 

I practiced self control, but really admired the shoe department. 
Take a look at a few pairs I particulary enjoyed:

There were plenty other fabulous options there, so I suggest taking a trip to fulfill your needs for this Spring. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Price. Better Price.

Last night I went to pick up a few essentials for my festive St. Patrick's Day ensemble. 
Lucky for me (no pun intended) I came across these leopard rain boots
 from Hollywood Mirror for only $8. 

I also had to stop at Marshall's while I was out. 
As soon as I walked in I spotted these other leopard boots for $19.99

Had I seen the boots at Marshall's first, I probably would have
gotten them and returned them after finding the $8 pair :)  All in all, $19.99 isn't bad. 
But cheaper is better, especially when they don't look cheap!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Clearly I browse my favorite online websites way too often
because I noticed that two stores had the same skirt for sale. 

Don't be the victim of a robbery!  Be the robber!

Macy's is selling the moroccan skirt for $54.
Forever 21's skirt is only $22.80.

 Same look...at a $teal!! 
Macy's vs. Forever 21

While we are on the topic of maxi-skirts, I'll continue...

For the past couple of years, the maxi dress has been a pretty popular
piece to incorporate into the summer wardrobe. 

I have noticed that this year the maxi trend continues and is popularizing the long skirt. 
I'm pretty sure I will eventually own one..or two :) 

Here are a few I like:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


J. Crew clothing has a great classic look.  It is too bad that their prices are absolutely absurd.  

I could do nothing but disagree with the write-up. 
After browsing their website, I decided I could never imagine myself
 paying these prices for such Plain Jane items. 

Coincidentally, around the same time,
a friend suggested I post about how easy it is to
find many of the pieces sold at J. Crew
at more reasonably priced stores.

 I did my own little shopping comparison:
Savings = $29.51

Savings = $924.20

Savings = $76.01

Savings = $71.20

A big, huge waste of money if you ask me.
Go on a little getaway with the money you saved on the trench, alone.

You're welcome :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Every once in a while, I treat myself to a pair of whimsical shoes, ie: Whimsies.    

I think it is okay if I stick within these guidelines:

*Whimsies cost no more than $50*
*Whimsies are not so trendy that they cannot be worn again next year*
*Whimsies can be worn with several items I already own*
*Whimsies will be thought about after I leave the store*

Whimsies you won't be able to resist :)