Monday, March 21, 2011

What boys like...

I asked some of my closest guy friends what kind of lady clothes get their attention.  I only asked those that I trusted their opinions, were respectable, or somewhat had a sense of style. I have to admit I didn't expect to hear some of what they agreed upon.  

This "like" was the most unexpected...pretty much all of them said they liked girls in hats.  Fedoras or a sports cap, particularly--the look is "mysterious".  And in regards to the baseball cap, something tells me that a pink version of your favorite sports team, isn't necessarily what they think is sexy...

Girls in yoga pants, sneakers and a fitted tee was another commonality.  Converse sneakers are a good choice or colorful shoes.

 For a look that isn't so casual, the guys told me that they appreciate when a girl will show off one particular body part, but leave the rest to the imagination.  For example, if you wear a loose top, then try to wear some fitted or skinny jeans.  Or, if you wear a short skirt, then the top should have a little more coverage.  Here are a couple photos of Cameron Diaz and Kourtney Kardashian modeling each.

 Here are a few things the guys mentioned they didnt like:
*Skin tight tops, especially when most girls can't pull them off...
*Really ripped up jeans
*Baggy clothes-we want to see your shape

The message I got from all of them was that they like girls who can put something together to look good, but don't look like they are trying too hard or seem high maitenance.

Don't take these as "rules".  I asked a handful of guys that I generally ask for advice in life.  I trust these friends, but there are many different types of people in this world who like different styles.  I chose to post about the things that were said among most/all.  .

Now go shop in your closet and pull together something to get you noticed!!

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