Sunday, March 6, 2011


J. Crew clothing has a great classic look.  It is too bad that their prices are absolutely absurd.  

I could do nothing but disagree with the write-up. 
After browsing their website, I decided I could never imagine myself
 paying these prices for such Plain Jane items. 

Coincidentally, around the same time,
a friend suggested I post about how easy it is to
find many of the pieces sold at J. Crew
at more reasonably priced stores.

 I did my own little shopping comparison:
Savings = $29.51

Savings = $924.20

Savings = $76.01

Savings = $71.20

A big, huge waste of money if you ask me.
Go on a little getaway with the money you saved on the trench, alone.

You're welcome :)


  1. Totally agree with you! It is just ridiculous and frustrating to even walk into that store. I also hate that Michelle Obama is praised for wearing "accessible clothing" from there. Those prices are not accessible for most people! $950 for a trench? Hardly common! She should read your blog and then maybe we could praise her choices! (Not that I don't appreciate her style, but give me a break!)

  2. I was SO close to mentioning the point about Michelle Obama. I am 100% in agreement with what you said, including the fact that I appreciate her style. To give her a little credit, though, she did wear a dress from H&M on the Today Show not too long ago. Props to her for that. Annnddd...if she's going to 'splurge' on J. Crew, I guess her husband's Presidential Inauguration is a good reason to buy something special.

  3. Kari, I love this post! I just bought a similar striped sweater from Forever 21 - for $10.50.