Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WW$D: A wardrobe in transition...

Here's another inquiry from one of my fantastic followers asking for advice:

"I am a 30 year old wife and the mother of a toddler.  Even though I have a family, I still feel young.  Getting dressed is always a challenge for me because I feel like I have to dress both "mommy" and age appropriate even though I really want to wear some of the trendy styles I've been seeing.  How do you suggest I deal with the dilemma?"

Dear Momma,

I can understand the feeling of having to transition your wardrobe based on life changes.  And I appreciate you trying to look fashionable rather than reverting to the good 'ol "Mom Jeans".

 I don't think there is any reason why you can't still pull off current and trendy looks that are both "mom" and age appropro.  Be creative with a trend to make it work for you. Here are a couple of examples that you can hopefully find relatable.

If you like the girly and playful look of hair accessories, but feel they're more for your daughter, put a spin on the look to make it work.  Instead of wearing a big bow headband, find something similiar on a smaller scale like this satin bow from Forever 21.  Clip your half of your hair back with the bow to look fresh and youthful, but not immature or like you're trying too hard. 

I featured this girl in my Lollapalooza Fashions post earlier this month.  Maybe you like the shirt she is wearing, but are thinking it isn't an option for you. Maybe this shirt could be:

Trends are for all ages.  The key is to to think of how you can make it work for you and your lifestyle... 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Style: Wine Tasting

Last weekend I went wine tasting for a bachelorette party in Northern Michigan.  We had a great time sipping the day away and celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my fabulous friend, Stef! 
Here's what I wore:

Sheer Floral Tie Shirt from Marshalls: $12.99
Navy Button Shorts from Urban Outfitters: $10.99
Brown Wedge Sandals from Target: $7.48
Woven Cross Body Purse from Crossroads Exchange: $8
Bracelet & Earrings at least 5 years old from Forever 21
Watch: gift
Sunglasses from Marshalls: $9.99

Can't wait for the wedding!  Less than 2 weeks away :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fru Gal vs. $teal- The 1970's

Fru Gal from the Red Eye is at it again.  The self-proclaimed thrifty shopper is doing anything but recommending items that are affordable.  This week she's doing a throw-back to 1970's fashions.  I must say this article lacked a little creativty.  Two pairs of jeans?  Come on, the 70's are full of fringe and tie-dye.

Anyway, I do like everything she featured even if she wasn't very diverse with her selections...
...and as usual, I've found just as fashionable items for better prices.

Fru Gal


This week I saved you $276.52...

These are some of my favorite posts to do.  I don't see Fru Gal becoming frugal anytime soon, so stay tuned for future face-offs!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High Low Skirt...Dress...Skirt...

One of the latest trends is the high-low skirt.  They aren't quite yet all over the place, but they're catching on and I like!  This past weekend, my friend Nikki asked me to help her figure out how to wear her "new skirt".  I'm not going to lie, I got clothes-envy when I realized it was the high-low look I've been wanting!  

Nikki's is from Nordstrom and it is not a $teal.  Being so pricey I wanted to make sure Nik got her money's worth.  Here are three ways she could wear the skirt, but the options don't stop here.  I loved discovering the versatility and seeing that not only can it be worn for the rest of the summer, but will take her into colder temperatures as the season changes. 

(Isn't she pretty?)
Style #1:  Wear as a high waisted skirt with a plain white tank.  I suggested allowing her pink bra to show through the white shirt (you know I love this look), which unfortunately you can't see it in this picture.  Then we paired it all with some neutral flowered sandals.

Style #2:  Tie drawstring on the skirt around the neck so it appears as though it is a halter dress.  Cinch the waist with a thin belt and throw on those flowered sandals again.

Style #3:  Let the skirt lay low on the hips and wear with a comfy sweater.  Nikki had some fantastic boots that had to be shown off and matched the sweater pretty perfectly. 

For the night she went with wearing the skirt as a dress. 
The options to wearing this skirt (or sometimes a dress) are endless.  Here are a couple less expensive high-low skirts I found that can be worn the same ways I styled Nikki. 

Have fun playing dress up :)

What's your favorite style Nikki wore?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopper's High

I love Target.  Target is such a treat.  I could go on and on about Target.

I rarely go when I'm in Chicago because it is always so busy and I have to take public transportation to get there.   Whenever I visit my family in Detroit, pretty much the first thing that I do is go to Target.  On Friday, I coaxed my mom into making a trip with me because I needed "things".  By "things" I meant, I wanted to browse every department to see what I was missing out on during the past several weeks since I had been home.  Obvi Target knew I was coming because it saved 2 pairs of shoes for me that I had been needing and they were the only 2 left and both in my size.  When that happens, it is euphoric....a shopper's high...

BUT WAIT!  It gets better!  Both of the pairs of shoes were on clearance. 
Yes, that is right my friends. 
  • 1 pair of brown flat sandals left on the rack
  • 1 pair of brown wedge sandals left on the rack
  • Both pairs fit my foot
  • I needed both of them
  • Clearance
I can't really describe the kind of shopper's high I got from this, but it does make me think of this song...

Brown Flat Sandals: $6.24 (down from $24.99)
Brown Wedge Sandals:  $7.48 (down from $29.99)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to dress like a princess:

Step 1-Go to your closet.

I think Kate Middleton has great style and I also appreciate that she shops at stores some would call "affordable".  She doesn't wear Forever 21 by any means, but she does have the budget to spend more excessively. 

As I was saying, I think she has great style.  On the other hand, she doesn't necessarily wear anything that  requires a ton of thought.  She is simple and classic; not trendy.  With that said, we all can dress like a princess.   I know I have an airy sundress, black belt and some black summer heels hanging out in my closet.  And certainly I own a pair of skinny  jeans, pumps and a fitted blazer.  If I throw them on all together, badaboom--I'm a princess!  I'm not a fan of tiaras anyway... 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fru Gal vs. $teal - Mint

So, Fru Gal was featured in the Red Eye again this week.  There is no denying that she has great taste.  I commend her on the fashions she finds, but not so much the prices of them. 

frugal: fru·gal  adj.
1. Practicing or marked by economy, as in the expenditure of money or the use
of material resources. 2. Costing little; inexpensive

I guess this is all relative...

This week she melted for mint. 

Total: $363.85

And after going on my own shopping excursion, I melted for mint too (with money to spare!):

Total: $142.66

Savings: $221.19

Will the real Fru Gal please stand up?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sometimes I feel pressure to have a "theme" for a post.  Today, I'm not doing that.  Maybe I sort of am, because it is a theme-less theme, but then that is thinking about it too much.  Instead of having a real theme I'm just going to show a few things I've found while browsing the sale and clearance sections of my favorite sites.  Yeah, I like these things, but I don't plan to buy any of them.  In a weird way it gets rid of my shopping urge.  It's like when I watch Food Network Challenge and it gets rid of my sweet tooth just by seeing all of that cake.  Funny how these things work, but I like it!  Inexplicably, my wallet stays loaded and my waist stays fit.  And that is all that matters.

(I'm cheating here, because I already own this top.  I bought it a few weeks ago. 
Yes, of course I got it on sale! And I only paid $14.  Two bucks is two bucks.)

Basically I'm curing my craving and tempting you :)  Sorry, friends!  Happy shopping!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Diamonds are a girl's best friend...

My grandma always used to sing this song to us grand-daughters.  It was when we were playing Crazy Eights, but even so, when she said "diamonds", I'm pretty sure she meant "rhinestones". 

Do you ever randomly stumble across something, like a scent or image that reminds you of your childhood?  I love the nostalgic feeling it brings. 

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a pair of clip-on earrings at the store.  They took me back to being 6 years old.  My grandma (best woman I ever knew) didn't have her ears pierced and always wore clip-ons. She had so many!

It used to be a huge treat when my grandma got out her "jewelry box" for us little girls to play dress-up.  At the time, we thought they were really fancy jewels that she wore to special events (I used to think she would go to balls like I would see in my Disney movies.  This is really funny to me now, especially picturing my grandpa at a ball!).  I realize that being the smart woman she was, she probably had a separate special box "for the kids".   Even if they weren't real, we thought we were something with all that jewelry covering over our bodies. 

I guess I never grew up because I still love draping myself in [fake] jewelry. 

Here are a few pieces of costume jewelry that I would play dress-up with as a big girl:

1-Pearlescent Earrings from Forever 21: $5.80
2-Vintage Bib Necklace form Etsy: $25
3-Vintage Bracelet from Amazon: $24.99 (down from $69.95)
4-Pearl Cocktail Ring from Asos: $10.34
5-Stacked Ring from Agaci: $6.50
6-Pearl Cluster Post Earrings from Urban Outfitters: $6.99 (down from $18)
7-Feather Hair Comb from Asos: $13.79

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On a mission for Missoni...

I'll be honest, I never paid much attention to the fabulous Missoni print until I started following the blog, Lions Tigers & Fashion, OH MY!  She displays it in many of her posts and now whenever I see it, I fall more and more in love. 

Yesterday while making a return to Forever 21, Missoni was all over the store. It seems it's the hot trend for Fall (ugh!  I love Fall, but hate that it means Summer is ending).  I tried on a couple items in the print, but decided none of them were the Missoni piece I wanted to add to my wardrobe.  The search continues. 

Lucky for me, Target will be coming out with a Missoni line on September 13th (less than a month away!).  There will be home decor, stationary, clothing, accessories, etc.  Now I just have to wait...

I think these shoes are really what I'm holding out for:

I Love.

What do you think of Missoni?  Do you plan on participating in this trend?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Travel at a $teal: fromCHI.com

Right up there with fashion, travel is another one of my passions.  It's a shame that both are such expensive hobbies.  That's why I $teal.  I'm kidding, I am not a thief.  By $teal, I mean deal.  Anyway, back to the point of this post.

I had the opportunity to write for fromCHI.com, which is a travel website for Chicagoans who have limited time off of work and living within a budget (raising my hand!).  I love this site because the trips these guys put together are so affordable.  On top of this, they make sure to point out appreciating the culture of the getaway.  Whether it be immersing yourself into the crazy fist pumping antics of the Jersey Shore, relaxing in the small town feel of Grand Haven, Michigan enjoying the town's musical fountain, or touring Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin to understand the events that lead to Ireland's independence, there's a little something for everyone.   These trips are definitely for fun, but at the same time, suggest you appreciate what each new place has to offer. 

Now, I understand if you aren't from Chicago, this kind of sucks for you.  But don't fret!  There is a Chicagoin' section to the website that you out-of-towners can reference in order to experience the most of the Windy City's uniqueness.

My post is a Girlfriends Getaway Weekend to Traverse Bay Wineries.  You can check it out HERE!

This was fun for me to do.  Thanks fromCHI!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY: Fringe Shirt

This project  really didn't take much brains to figure out.  I was inspired by all of the fringe shirts I saw at Lollapalooza (yes, I'm still on a Lolla-high) and knew I could easily do this myself.  Let's face it, it's way more fun to make something yourself and know that nobody else has it.  Such satisfaction!

So, let's get to work.  Here's how I did it:

Step 1:  Scour your drawers for an old t-shirt you don't care gets ruined or visit the thrift store to make such a purchase. 

Step 2:  Try the shirt on and mark to where you'd like the fringe to reach on your waistline.

Step 3:  Cut off the bottom hem, then cut thin strips of the t-shirt up to the designated line going all the way around the shirt.  I'd say make them about 1/4" thick.

Step 4:  Throw that baby on and style your shirt using what you already own. 

And it only took me about 15 minutes :)

Yellow Shirt:  Thrift -- $1.99
Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21 -- 4 years old
Turquoise Sandals:  Target -- 1 year old
Colorful Beaded Necklace:  Forever 21 -- 5 years old
Watch:  Gift

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lollapalooza Fashions

This past weekend I attended Lollapalooza for the 3rd year in a row.  It never fails that Lollapalooza ends up being one of my favorite weekends of the summer.  So many great shows and such fun energy.

One thing about Lolla is it's unique style. 
When it comes to deciding what to wear for such an event, things are a little more complicated than one would think.  While being fashionable is always at the top of my priorities, so is being comfortable.  These concert festivals involve being outside for 12 hours at a time, lots of standing and waking, the heat, the humidity, etc.  By now, I know exactly what to wear and not to order to make sure I'm not distracted by my clothing.  At Lollapalooza, all you want to focus on is enjoying the music.

Such a precious man staying cool and colorful this past Saturday.

Anyway,  here are some of the most stylish, yet approprately dressed ladies I spotted over the weekend:



I'm not sure if you can notice, but this last girl is even wearing a black bra under her white tank!   That makes me so proud.

Would you wear any of these outfits?  How do you think these girls did?

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fru Gal vs. $teal - Orange

If I don't read the Red Eye on my morning commute, my entire day is thrown.  It keeps me posted on current events, pop culture and what's happening around this great city of Chicago.  I just love it.  On Thursdays, there is a section about frugal fashions, "Fru Gal".  Today the topic was embracing the color, orange. I agree, with Fru Gal, that the color looks great with a late summer glow.  Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, the prices still weren't very  a-peel-ing (haha, I'm funny!).  Not so frugal, Fru Gal...

Call me crazy, but I would much rather have an extra $50 add into my vacation savings than an orange plastic ring that doesn't match with everything and I may not like a year from now.  I've done a little shopping of my own to find equally fashionable items at a more affordable price point.

2-Colorblock Dress from Urban Outfitteres: $69 (cannot find on website)
6-Ann Taylor Colorblock Top: $78 (cannot find on website)


Now that is frugal! 

Basically I have just saved you $263. 
Forget the $50 I was talking about earlier...this would pay for an entire weekend away!

Orange you glad I'm so savvy?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WW$D: Navy Dress & Nude Heels

I often get fashion related questions from friends, family and most recently, my followers.  It is so flattering that you trust my opinion and take my advice seriously!  Thanks for this great compliment.   I'm always happy to help.  Hopefully you don't mind if I take your messages and use them for my posts. 

Yesterday afternoon I recieved this question from one of my readers:

"I need your help!  I am going to a wedding this weekend...wearing a navy blue dress with nude heels...what color should I accessorize with?"

Dear Wedding Guest,

A navy dress and nude heels is a great canvas for accessorizing. You can style yourself with pearls, metallics or add color with jewelry or handbag.  Maybe it would be fun to incorporate a print clutch.  Basically, there are a million different ways wear what you plan to wear.  Pretend you are Natalie Portman and look to some of my suggestions...

Colorful. Flirty. Playful.


Classic. Simple. Sophisticated.


Trendy. Sassy. Sexy.

Use these ideas as inspiration when shopping in your closet.  The combinations are endless.  I am sure you'll put something amazing together!  Have fun at the wedding!

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Feel free to send me messages or wall posts with your questions!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Colorful Monochromatics

If you're not afraid of color you may want to try this look. 
If you are afraid of color, then you probably would enjoy listening to Nirvana over reading this post.

It is easy to pull off an all black ensemble and look incredibly chic.  On the other had, wearing a colorful monochromatic look can be intimidating.  Just pretend you're Eva Longoria or Heidi Klum and walk out the door wearing confidence as your main accessory:

Here are some colorful monochromatic $teals:

Take a look at your closet.  Certainly you've got a collection of items in your favorite color. 
Can you put together an outfit like this?  Would you give this look a shot?