Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fru Gal vs. $teal - Orange

If I don't read the Red Eye on my morning commute, my entire day is thrown.  It keeps me posted on current events, pop culture and what's happening around this great city of Chicago.  I just love it.  On Thursdays, there is a section about frugal fashions, "Fru Gal".  Today the topic was embracing the color, orange. I agree, with Fru Gal, that the color looks great with a late summer glow.  Unfortunately, at least in my opinion, the prices still weren't very  a-peel-ing (haha, I'm funny!).  Not so frugal, Fru Gal...

Call me crazy, but I would much rather have an extra $50 add into my vacation savings than an orange plastic ring that doesn't match with everything and I may not like a year from now.  I've done a little shopping of my own to find equally fashionable items at a more affordable price point.

2-Colorblock Dress from Urban Outfitteres: $69 (cannot find on website)
6-Ann Taylor Colorblock Top: $78 (cannot find on website)


Now that is frugal! 

Basically I have just saved you $263. 
Forget the $50 I was talking about earlier...this would pay for an entire weekend away!

Orange you glad I'm so savvy?

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