Thursday, July 28, 2011


Summer is my favorite time of year for many reasons; longer days, boats, patio brunches, concert festivals, etc.  When it comes to my closet, this is what makes me most excited about the hottest season: never wearing pants and incorporating lots of white into my wardrobe. Put these together and we have the LWD. 

Just like the LBD, the LWD (Little White Dress, if you haven't figured it out yet) is for multitasking.  You can be as casual or as dressy as  you want with it.  Use a STATEMENT NECKLACE or some WHIMSIES to dress it up.  Wear flats or a cross body purse to make it a more casual look.  It can be as versatile as you want.  Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Just be careful about your underoos...
VPLs are embarassing (Visible Panty Lines, if you haven't figured it out yet).


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's not so black and white...

A black bra under a white shirt is such a controversial look.  Most people say no, I say yes.  This combination can surely be a fashion faux-pas, but I personally think it can be pulled off if done correctly.

  I think the trick is to make sure the white shirt is covering your body and isn't too tight.  Also, your bra should fit.  The point is the make the black bra noticeable, but not so obvious that it's all people are distracted by it.

This is a total $teal since we all have a black bra and plain white shirt in our wardrobe.  Two basic staples that, together, are fashion forward!

Look here:

Ashley Olson

Anna Kournikova


If you carry yourself like a hot mess, well then, you are going to look like a hot mess.  These two images support the arguments against my assertion that the white shirt/black bra is doable:

I do feel bad for blasting the late Amy Winehouse seeing as her funeral was just yesterday.  Let's face it though, she was no fashion icon...

If Tara Reid's bra fit her, shirt was a bit longer, and her hair was brushed, she might have made this conversation tee work.  Alas, she's a big fail.

What do you think?  Is it black and white?  Would you wear this look?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Full Circle

I seem to post lots of ideas and opinions, but rarely share how I wear clothes, myself.  I figured it has been a while and it is time to show some of my own style.

Here's an outfit where I pull together IKAT and those great new ORANGE espadrilles I recently purchased.

Dress: Marshall's $19.99
Shoes: Marshall's $19.99
Necklace: borrowed from Mom
Watch: gift
Bracelets: old and laying around

My sister's wedding shower was yesterday and this is what I wore for her special day! 
She looks gorgeous, doesn't she?

Bride & Maid of Honor

Sister's ensemble: 
Dress: Marshall's $29.99
Shoes:  DSW $31
Watch:  Macy's $29.99

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This ensemble couldn't get any more plain. 
A statement necklace could certainly add some pizazz. 

No worries though.  Here I am to save this gal!
 I've done some shopping for necklaces that will kick the style factor of this get-up to a new level.  

To finish the outfit, add some fun sandals or handbag to show just a bit more personality.
But let's not act like these necklaces will only go with a plain white t-shirt. 
Add them to stripes, prints, dresses, blouses, cotton or silk.  Anything goes.

Here's a glance at the people who get candidly photographed and written about for doing "monumental" things that both you and I do, like wearing a statement necklace:

Olivia Palermo

Drew Barrymore

Sienna Miller

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In honor of Sir.

My summer concert series continues this weekend.  I'll be seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan!  I have always loved the Beatles.  My mom, who is a Beatles fanatic, always had them playing in the car and in the house during my entire childhood, adolescence and now adulthood.   Needless to say, my brother, sister, and I are very excited to be able to see Paul in person with our mom.  Not to mention, my mom is proud and ecstatic that all of us are joining her at the concert.  This is kind of a big deal.

Here are some fashions inspired by the Beatles era. 
I like to think of them as a convenient comprimise between past and present:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anne Hathaway's look at a $teal.

Celebrities are no different than us;  they strap their sandals on one at a time and wear day 2 hair like it's no big deal (I always think it looks better the 2nd day).  Obviously, what sets us apart from the stars is the fame...and the money.   Now, I really don't know how much this ensemble of Anne's cost her, but I'm willing to guess she paid more than I would think is practical. 


It was pretty easy to create this outfit for a $teal:  $63.77

I bet Anne's sunglasses were atleast 3 times that much.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend Update

In short, I just had the best weekend of my entire year so far.  I love DMB and had a blast with my two buddies who were with me all 3 days.  Here are my outfits I wore:

Day 1-Friday

Black tank from Forever 21: $4.80
Floral shorts from TJ Maxx: $5.99
Black sandals from Urban Outfitters: $19.99
Aviators from TJ Maxx: $7.99
Black cross body bag from TJ Maxx: $14.99

Day 2-Saturday

Purple dress from Crossroads Exchange: $12.00
Red belt (old as can be) from Forever 21: I don't remember
Brown sandals from Nine West: $19.99
Leopard sunglasses from Urban Outfitters: $14
Brown cross-body bag borrowed from Sister!

Day 3-Sunday

Printed dress from Forever 21: $17.80
Turquoise stone sandals from Target: $19.99
Brown dunglasses from TJ Maxx: $12.99
Brown cross body bag borrowed from Sister!

(I decided to pass on wearing the black/white striped dress as posted below.  By the end of the day, I was so dirty and I didn't want it to show all over my clothes!)

I've been in the best mood all week and smiling and laughing out of nowhere thinking about all the great memories of this past weekend!  I've also only listened to DMB for the past 7 days.  <3 <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Caravan Tour Weekend!

Hi Friends!  I'm so excited for this weekend because I'm going to the Dave Matthews Band Caravan tour!!  If you're not a fan, that is a shame.  It's a 3 day festival with sets from sooo many of my favorite artists:  Ray Lamontagne, David Gray, OAR, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Amos Lee...I could go on and on.  AND a full set every night of DMB (YES!).  With all of these great acts, there is soo much sexyphone on the way...

There are only four stops on the tour and I'm lucky enough to live in one of the cities where the festival will take place.  I just know it is going to be an incredible time.  And on top of it, the weekend weather forecast looks pretty promising for Chi-City.  Yeah, yeah, 30% chance of rain on Sunday, but that means 70% chance of NO rain!  I like those odds.  And if it rains, I'll be prepared with a fancy fedora (see below). 

Here's an idea of what I plan on wearing to stay cool and comfortable all weekend long.  I don't want to be annoyed by restricting clothes, so I'm sticking to basics..and the cross body bag because I want my arms free.  My full attention will be on the music...and the people watching...