Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In honor of Sir.

My summer concert series continues this weekend.  I'll be seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan!  I have always loved the Beatles.  My mom, who is a Beatles fanatic, always had them playing in the car and in the house during my entire childhood, adolescence and now adulthood.   Needless to say, my brother, sister, and I are very excited to be able to see Paul in person with our mom.  Not to mention, my mom is proud and ecstatic that all of us are joining her at the concert.  This is kind of a big deal.

Here are some fashions inspired by the Beatles era. 
I like to think of them as a convenient comprimise between past and present:


  1. The fringe bag is my fave! I just got a pair of fringed sandals that are about that color from American Eagle. So cute!!

  2. Ohh!! Then the bag would match perfectly! Maybe you need to make the purchase :)

  3. Love the peace and love era! The music and style is timeless. Glad you enjoy them too! But most of all, I hope you enjoy a little taste of Beatlemania!! Sunday nite!! Love YOU!!