Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopper's High

I love Target.  Target is such a treat.  I could go on and on about Target.

I rarely go when I'm in Chicago because it is always so busy and I have to take public transportation to get there.   Whenever I visit my family in Detroit, pretty much the first thing that I do is go to Target.  On Friday, I coaxed my mom into making a trip with me because I needed "things".  By "things" I meant, I wanted to browse every department to see what I was missing out on during the past several weeks since I had been home.  Obvi Target knew I was coming because it saved 2 pairs of shoes for me that I had been needing and they were the only 2 left and both in my size.  When that happens, it is euphoric....a shopper's high...

BUT WAIT!  It gets better!  Both of the pairs of shoes were on clearance. 
Yes, that is right my friends. 
  • 1 pair of brown flat sandals left on the rack
  • 1 pair of brown wedge sandals left on the rack
  • Both pairs fit my foot
  • I needed both of them
  • Clearance
I can't really describe the kind of shopper's high I got from this, but it does make me think of this song...

Brown Flat Sandals: $6.24 (down from $24.99)
Brown Wedge Sandals:  $7.48 (down from $29.99)

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