Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sometimes I feel pressure to have a "theme" for a post.  Today, I'm not doing that.  Maybe I sort of am, because it is a theme-less theme, but then that is thinking about it too much.  Instead of having a real theme I'm just going to show a few things I've found while browsing the sale and clearance sections of my favorite sites.  Yeah, I like these things, but I don't plan to buy any of them.  In a weird way it gets rid of my shopping urge.  It's like when I watch Food Network Challenge and it gets rid of my sweet tooth just by seeing all of that cake.  Funny how these things work, but I like it!  Inexplicably, my wallet stays loaded and my waist stays fit.  And that is all that matters.

(I'm cheating here, because I already own this top.  I bought it a few weeks ago. 
Yes, of course I got it on sale! And I only paid $14.  Two bucks is two bucks.)

Basically I'm curing my craving and tempting you :)  Sorry, friends!  Happy shopping!

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