Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well worth the wait.

Ever since posting about Kate Middleton's Orange/Leopard combo, I have been obsessed with finding a leopard printed scarf.  Last week, I spotted one at Express as I was passing by the store.  What I love even more about my find was that is an infinity scarf. 

It was regularly $29.90, but on sale at 30% off. 

It gets better...
On top of being discounted, I had a complimentary gift card to Express, from Express, for $15 for my upcoming birthday.  In total, I paid $6.50 for my new favorite accessory!!  Such a prize!

I wore it all weekend :)


  1. I love leopard print too!! I got a leopard print scarf last year, this year I want leopard print shoes!!

    Monique xx

  2. I've been looking for leopard print shoes also, but am being very picky! Thanks for the comment!