Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

My Birthday was a couple weeks ago.  I planned on treating myself to a new outfit for celebrating and anticipated a little splurge, but that frugal voice inside of me allowed Style at a $teal to prevail!  I actually loved what I ended up wearing.  It was perfect for the location and low key vibe, yet special enough to say "Birthday Girl".

One of my best and longest pals from Michigan came to visit me for the weekend :)

Here's the breakdown:

Gold Stud Earrings from H&M: $3.99
Gold "Kari" Necklace: Gift
Black Lacey Bra from TJ Maxx: $4.99
Sheer Turquoise Tank from Forever 21: $10.80
Skinny Leopard Belt from Forever 21: $4.80
Black Boyfriend Watch from Forever 21: $18.80
Grey Zipper Jeans: Giveaway from sister
Black/Cork Peep-Toe Pumps:  Gift
Total: $43.38

I only bought the tank, belt and watch new.  Everything else, I already owned.  So, technically, I only spent $34.40 on my birthday gift to myself!

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