Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get out of town...

Summer is travel season and though I don't plan on going anywhere exotic or new this year, I seem to be packing and unpacking my paisley turquoise duffel bag quite a bit.  My only travel destination during these months will be to the purest of states, Michigan, for various fun events! 

(I love a good ROAD TRIP -- this is what my friends and I do,
except it's usually to "The Wind Beneath My Wings".  Oh Bette <3)

Through the packing and unpacking processes, and living out of a cute turquoise tote,
I've realized the importance of traveling light.
(not the actual turquoise bag I lug around, but you get the idea)

Here are some items to mix and match so that you can have a new outfit everyday without packing an entire outfit for each day...

1-Straw Fedora from Asos: $25.86
2-Lime Striped Tank from Forever 21: $10.50
3-Floral Scarf from Asos: $17.24 (down from $25.86)
4-Grey/Black Belted Dress from Urban Outfitters: $24.99 (down from $49)
5-Lavender Shorts from Gap: $34.99 (down from $39.95)
6-Pinstripe Button Up from Forever 21: $15.80
7-Cropped Skinny Jeans from Old Navy: $15.99 (down from $34.50)
8-Tan Sandals from Amazon: $30.56 (down from $35)

There are easily 5 outfits here.  Bring along some solid color tanks and a few more colorful accessories and ba-da-boom.  The last thing you want is to throw your back out because you had to bring your entire closet on a weekend getaway.  You can't pull off a cute outfit if you're hunched over and immobile.   It's not a good look on anyone.

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