Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Style: Sushi Dinner

Contrary to the "Nancy's Pizza" sign, I had sushi for dinner.  I wouldn't lie.

Here is a story about these jeans:

Word was going around that that Catelynn from MTV's Teen Mom worked at a store near my parents' house in Michigan.  I'm nosey and specifically made a trip to the rumored Rue 21 to see if I could spot her...and I did.  She let me into a fitting room and cashed me out when I paid for the jeans.  Are you jealous? 

And by the way, she is a very nice girl.  No, I did not ask for her autograph or even act like I knew who she was.

Sheer Ruffle Shirt from Forever 21: $22.80
Flare Jeans from Rue 21:  $12 (down from $26)
Suede Burgundy Heels from Marshall's:  4 years old
Earrngs from Forever 21: 3 years old
Watch:  gift

1 comment:

  1. Very Pretty. Love that top with those earrings. :) I don't watch teen mom so I would have been totally clueless :P