Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Week on the Today Show

I can't wake up without Matt Lauer talking to me.  No, I do not have a crush on him--he's totally not my type. I'm just a creature of habit and watch the Today Show ever morning while getting ready for work.  It doesn't feel right if Matt's not getting me out the door.  Pretty sure he isn't doing this segment, though. 

That was a tangent...anyyywayyyy

It is DIY style week on the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas.  That is, October 24-28.   If you're an arsty fartsy kind of person, click for contest details.  You could be the next DIY fashionista star. 

Even if you're not too handy with a glue gun or needle and thread, at least tune in for some inspiration.

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