Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Halloween Costumes

I personally love Halloween and I always commit to whatever costume I am.  In the past I've been Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, and my favorite, Carrie Bradshaw.  All of my costumes have been homemade, thrifted, or pulled from my closet with a few accessories added to perfect the look.   To me, the best costumes are ones people get creative with and make all by themselves.  Not to mention, I'm a pretty practical person and don't believe in spending ridiculous money on a store-bought costume only to be left with cheap polyester that I'll never wear again (because repeating is boring). 

Here are a few idea you can easily whip together spending little money on the finishing touches.

Polka-dot dress turns into a Pretty Minnie:


Get a second use out of an old bridesmaid dress as Miss America
If you need to borrow one, I've got plenty...

Grab your basics, add a red neck scarf, beret and baguette to be a Frenchie:

6-French Baguette from local bakery: $2ish

Another thing...Halloween is for bright red lipstick.  There aren't many occasions to get away with such a flamboyant color, so please do indulge...

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