Friday, October 14, 2011

DMB-So Right & Combat Boots

Do you ever rediscover a song  you've always loved, but then you start listening to it on repeat like you've never heard it before.  I love when that happens.  My new favorite old song:  So Right-Dave Matthews Band

That has nothing to do with combat boots.  But I like them just as much as my new favorite old song.  So do Ashely Tisdale, Nikki Hilton and Rachel Bilson.  Actually, I'm not sure if they're DMB fans at all, but they are fans of the boots... And I will say, the boots are "So Right"...

I love everything about Rachel Bilson's outfit.  Mostly because I would automatically assume that combat boots would only go with a casual look.  I appreciate how she wore them with a dressier combo. 


  1. Thanks for the DMB! I haven't listened to them in a long time! I'm loving the combat boots too :) Love your blog! I followed :)
    xo, Jaimee