Thursday, September 29, 2011

$teal Endorsments

We all need a little inspiration.  Here are a few places I go to find mine...

These are some of my favorite sites that I suggest you browse. 
So much fantastic stuff happening out there on the internets.

Runway DIY
Who doesn't love having something solely unique?  And who doesn't love knowing that you did it yourself?  DIY Blogger, Arianna, gives step-by-step directions on how to make looks that come straight from the runway. That is Style at a $teal, no doubt!

Fabulous on a Budget
These girls are great,, they're fabulous.  Two silly friends blogging together about fashion, party hosting, home decor and more...all on a dime!  I love how engaging they write and their posts are so entertaining.  You'll love "Tipsy Tuesday"!  For great info on how to save money fabulously, you must check out Mary and Leah at Fabulous on a Budget. 

Matchbook Magazine
This online lifestyle magazine covers travel, fashion, culture, arts, etc.  It is full of pretty pictures, ideas, recommendations and interesting articles that always spark creativity in me.  I discovered it a couple of months ago and now I'm hooked.  Once you take a look, you probably will be too :)

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  1. LOVE the 'internets' clip!! I LOL'ed!! & I am excited to check out the featured websites!