Monday, September 26, 2011

She's even holding a coffee...

Fresh off a weekend celebrating my sister's Bachelorette Party, it would have been really nice to sleep in and skip work.  That wasn't an option. 

Since I have to go to work, my second choice would be to roll out of bed and throw on Miley Cyrus' comfy fall ensemble (seen here).  That wasn't an option, either, since jeans aren't allowed where I work.  I would have left the sunglasses on all day, even while indoors, with my hair tied back in a similar looking pony-tail.  Ugh...the fact that she is holding a coffee is even perfect!

Anyway, this isn't a perfect world.  I'm not wearing the featured outfit, but if I were, here's how much it would have cost me:

So sleepy today.  Listening to Mumford & Sons really isn't helping, either... 

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  1. cute outfit; great price!

    Lindsey Turner