Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I cleaned out my closet!

It is such a good feeling to organize and get rid of things that are wasting space.  Here is what my closet looked like when I woke up this morning:

It clearly was a disaster, so I decided it was time for it to get a deep cleaning.  I tried on everything I hadn't worn in a while; bottoms with a plain black fitted t-shirt and tops with my favorite skinny jeans.  I got the best idea of fit this way. 

After filling two large shopping bags full of items I don't wear anymore, I took them to two nearby resale shops:   Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co.  Combined, I got almost $70 back for my items.  What was left over I donated to a second hand store which benefits a nearby hospital.  I will get a tax credit for 25% of the total donated. 

With my earned money, I bought boxes to organize miscellaneous items that were lying around my closet making it look messy.  Here is the final product:

My closet looks amazing now!  I found so many items I forgot I owned and am looking forward to wearing soon.  It was a good day...


  1. Kari - where do you live that you have such a giant closet?? My closet in Lake View was tiiiiiny! And now my bf and I share a closet that is even smaller!! WTF?!

  2. I am SO lucky to have the closet space that I do. And that isn't my only closet. All of my dresses/coats/boots are in a different one. I live on the border of LP and Lakeview East-Diversey and Pine Grove, pretty much. I've lived there for 3 years and don't really want to move because I love the location too much.

  3. Yes! It has been so much fun so far. You inspired me, so thanks! I love following LTFOM!

  4. WOW! It looks so organized now!