Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Deal Friday!

I hate paying full price for anything...that is, unless it is from Forever 21 
or a store with that kind of good pricing.

Leopard print has been on my mind lately.  I have an outfit in mind of wearing it with red...and my camel boots.  The nice thing about it, is that leopard print matches with so much.  I found this scarf that is only $9.99 (originally $29) on  The scarf is an inexpensive way to sass up a basic outfit. 

While you're on the website, browse the othe sale items.  There are some nice handbags at good prices!

Here is another great deal I found at Pitaya.  This skirt can be dressed up or down.  I could wear this to work, shopping, or out on a Friday night.  Originally $29 and now on sale for $12!!

Here is my favorite find of the day!  I live in Chicago, so it's no secret we have pretty frigid winters.  And since I don't have the luxury of a car (which, I'm A-OK with!), I walk a lot and often have to wait in the cold for public transportation.  When I see other commuters with these coats, I get a little envious.  They're like a big cozy sleeping bag!  This Kenneth Cole one from Macy's is perfect and I'm saving over 65% off of the original price!!!  I got it in black, but posted this cream color so you could see the details better.

Happy shopping!

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