Sunday, January 9, 2011

Golden Accents

 I went to a birthday party last night at Zella's and decided to be a little more casual, but dressed the outfit up with this big beaded necklace.  When I wear something that makes a statement, I like to go less flashy on my other accessories.

Grey Ruffle Shirt: 
Spring 2009

Skinny Jeans with Zippers:
Fall 2010

Black Patent Leather Pumps:
2 years old


Gold and Grey Beaded Necklace:
October 2010
Forever 21

Gold Studs:
Fall 2010
Came in a 6 pack w/ multiple colors for $4

Black Quilted Purse with Gold Chain Strap:
June 2010
(resale store, purse is Bloomingdales brand)

Gold Name Necklace & Gold Watch:

Total: $112

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