Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I had said last week that I wanted some white pants.  Boom. Done.

It wasn't even hard.  I got them from Target for $24.99

The rest of my outfit is as follows:

Black Striped Shirt from Urban Outfitters- Clearance $19.99
Black/Grey Snakeskin Clutch from Akira- At least 3 years old and I don't remember the price
Red Pumps from Agaci- Clearance $21.99
Black Watch from Forever 21- $18.80
Black Miscellaneous Bangles- Old and laying around
Black Bomber Jacket (in hand)- Borrowed

Here is another photo of me with my really fashionable cousin and sister!

I also got a dress from Pitaya for $18 marked down from $59.  The belt was missing, but I've got plenty of my own to pair with it.  I can wear this dress a million different ways and I think I'll get a lot of use from it!


As of Monday, May 9th, I challenged myself to go an entire month without buying anything fashion related.  This should be interesting, even though I have plenty of options to mix and match in my closet.

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