Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to take the time to post about my
one-of-a-kind, loving, supportive, quirky,  hysterically funny and, of course, stylish momma.

I am definitely my mother's daughter.  We share good and bad, but never ugly! 
She's inspired my fashion sense and savvy spending.  My mom has always taught me to be resourceful with my clothes.  If there is a rip or button missing, she has found some sort of way to still make an item work, either with a broach, fashionable buttons, etc.  If she doesn't like a long tunic, she will shorten it to make it just a top.  These tweaks have taught me how important it is to think about the garment on the hanger and how to make it an outfit, not just a shirt or a skirt.

I love what my mom wears.  She always looks good: age appropriate, yet youthful and fresh.  I must say that her wardrobe is pretty predictable, but I still like it.  I put together an outfit I would wear at 27, inspired by the fashion taste of my very stylish 50something year old mother. 

1-My mom loves tie-dye.   Half of her wardrobe is probably some sort of fashionable tie dye.
2-In the summer, she wears bermuda shorts all the time.  They're a staple for her.
3-Peace signs.  Everywhere.  Just like her tie-dye. 
4-Again.  Peace signs.  Everywhere.
5-She likes sandals with a heel.  The only time I ever see my mom wearing flats is when she is wearing sneakers to take our dog (best dog ever!) for a walk. 

Fashion advice in the words of my mother:  "Always dress your best and wear lipstick.  You never know who is looking on."

And I always remember this because as they say...Mom is always right :)

Happy Mother's Day, Momma.  I love you <3


  1. Very cute post!! Well put!!


  2. I have always thought Aunt Melly is very fashionable and trendy, she never dresses like a 'mom'!

  3. Awe, Thank You Honey!! I love the post and the outfit! You have it nailed! I enjoy shopping with you and always love your input on my selections. I get such a kick out of you and your creativity !! Peace and Love,, Especially The LOVE!!Mom