Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY: Fancy Peacock Fedora

You can get this fedora on for $50 + s&h. OR! You can make this little number yourself!

Before I sought out this hat on Etsy, I came up with the peacock feather fedora from my own brain.  I bought a plain Fedora from Wet Seal for $10.80 not too long ago.  Though it would match with pretty much everything the way it is, I felt that it needed to be spiced up.  Originally, I thought I'd pick up with of those flowered hair clips or pins that are everywhere.  But, since I haven't been shopping, I haven't been able to do that! 

Conveniently, I had a pair of peacock earrings hanging out on my dresser--yet to be worn--see, I don't need to shop.  To be honest, I don't know why I even bought them because I'm noticing that at my old age I aim for simple studs to decorate my ears.  Anyway, I'm glad I got them.  They're from Forever 21 and were $4.80.  Sorry there is no link to them; I can't find them on the F21 website.  Trust me, they're from there.  I wouldn't lie. Instead of a flower pin, I figured the peacock earrings would be a much more fantastic way to spruce up the hat!  I simply staggered them on the hat.  See here:

(do you notice my studs ;) )

Like I said, the idea of this hat was in my head long before I found the Etsy version.  Actually, it was AFTER I created mine that I did an online shopping search to see if there were peacock fedoras for sale .  I was curious to see what was available and at what price they were being sold. 
My answer: $50 (the cheapest!). 
Do you know how excited I was to know that mine cost me roughly $16?  Pretty excited!

Sooooo, not only do I have a pair of earrings to wear at some point in time (if I ever get over my ridiculous complex that I'm too old for these earrings), but I also have my fedora to either wear as-is or jazz up with other fantastic accessories (that I plan on purchasing once June 9th hits (if I can stay strong, this is a verrry difficult challenge for a "shopping is my hobby"-single girl-who lives alone, like me!))! 

I must say... I like my innovative, less expensive, DIY project better than the Etsy version.

Things like this make my day!!!


  1. super cute! Too bad I can't wear hats or I'd totally steal this idea.

  2. Maybe the idea will inspire a DIY project for you, though! You're real creative, so I doubt you need my help with that though.