Sunday, February 27, 2011

$teal Your Spring 2011 Wardrobe

After bulking up all winter long, it seems that when spring hits,
we forget how to dress for a warmer and sunnier season. 

Someone recently asked me how to update thier wardrobe for spring without breaking their wallet.  My first tip would be to dig in your closet.  You will be surprised at what you've forgotten you owned.  As for classic peices that you can wear this season and beyond, I suggest these:


I would also suggest using your basics and accessorize them.  Here are a few accessories that will take your wardrobe out of hibernation:

Use a basic accessories to spruce up your plain colored tee and jeans. 
Use a cardigan or jacket from last year to layer.


I always seem to see the same trends when the spring lines hit the stores.
Here area few style ideas that are always popular during the months of April, May and June:

 Flirty Florals & Paisley: 


Light & Bright Colors:



As for shoes, peep toes and flats are the perfect footwear for springtime!  Enjoy these fun styles I found:

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