Sunday, February 20, 2011

Curvy & Fabulous!

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about dressing curvier bodies.  I often notice that women with curves try to hide them or dress plainly, feeling as though they don't have the right body type to follow trends. In actuality, smaller sized women even make the mistake of not dressing their bodies correctly and end up looking heavier than they actually are. 

Curvy bodies can still follow the same trends as the stick figures.  Just buy your size and make sure it is flattering.  In my opinion, the most important thing is that clothes fit correctly

Browse these websites for stylish plus size clothing.

.....Here are a few cute outfit ideas I threw together.....

Wedding. Holiday Party. Special Event. Etc.

I chose this dress because it defines the waist and also has a low enough neckline to have a bit of cleavage without being too much.  The shoes are great because they match with pretty much everything and can be worn over and over again.  I'm sure you have jewelry lying around that you could wear.  Even though I didn't show this option, don't be afraid to wear a bracelet or earrings with some color!  Show your personality :)


Errands. Casual Friday.  Movie Date. Etc.

I actually just bought this jacket yesterday from Forever 21.  When I saw it in the plus size section on the site, I thought it would be a perfect way to show how the same look could translate for those with more curves.  Wear it with your basic black or white tee you've got folded in a drawer.

I love these flats with the zippers on the back and since I always love adding some color to an outfit full of neutrals, I would wear a necklace along the lines of this turquoise one. 


Trip to the Zoo. Outdoor Lunch.  BBQ with Friends. Etc.

So I'm a little anxious for summer.  If you're going on vacation to a warm destination, this is probably a little more practical for this time of year.  May will be here soon enough, so stick this outfit idea in the pocket of your parka until then.

I tried to make  all three outfits age appropriate.  Although Forever 21 is a juniors store, my mom still picks up an item or two from there every now and then.  She's in her 50's and still looks like she is dressing her age, but quite stylish at the same time.  If you're still feeling like it just isn't "you" to shop at F21, at least puchase your accessories from there.  Great jewelry for next to nothing.

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